"If there was one thing that you do exceptionally well with your makeup, what would that be?"
Eyeliner, contour, highlighter, cutcrease, smokeye, eyebrows, foundation, lipstick, application ..
What part of your Makeup are you an Expert on?
(Please share at least 1-2 areas that are your strongest skill)
I have specific makeup skill and can help share.
(Tell me how to do the video, and where to send it)
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So we are working on a new project looking for people that have a specific makeup skill and want to share with others 💕

This project will get exposure for you and your profile , and for Sticks and Sponges but that won’t be the only thing. You will either be paid by PayPal or store credit to our store ✨

We are looking for people that can ideally capture their skills on videos. (pictorials different project contact us separately)

So we plan to collect a dozen videos of people doing/ explaining what they are sharing/ teaching, their specific skill and we are going to make a special access collection page to these videos of everyone that participates and is accepted. 

We are going to use this video package as a special bonus for one of our offers.

Everyone that gets selected for this project will also get special first access to the videos and finished product 

We would want the video you create to be only available through this offer  within the private channel, we are going to combined this with a special product offer, these video bonuses, and one other bonus 💕

If your ready to get started or have more questions enter your name and email below for more details...
Just to recap heres what you would get...
  •  Credit for your work/ recognition
  •  Basically free advertisement by Sticks and Sponges because we will be promoting the offer to millions of people, (forever)
  •  We can add links to your social account/website so people can find you
  • You will be paid either via Paypal, $30 starting (payment negotiable). Or Products equal to amount, or Sticks and Sponges gift card store credit
  •  Future commission for promoting this project
Send me more details this sounds interesting.
(Video requirements and details sent to your email)
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